Sunday, November 01, 2015

It's a curious thing...

...explained to me simply by the fact that, for most schools, last week was the half-term holiday. The thing being that sales of my book "A Friendly Guide to Exam Success" peaked during the week. I guess students who have just started GCSE courses this year, or the second year of them, have seen the need for additional help to get the results they want. Or perhaps their parents have perceived the need!

The book is published on Kindle, and can be read on Kindle devices (obviously!) or on computers, tablets or smartphones using an app which is freely available from the Kindle website. It costs just £1.99 - almost a giveaway! Since there may be students who'd prefer to have a paper edition so that they can add their own notes (and the book allows lots of space for that) it can be bought in paperback format at Lulu for £4.99. The paperback will be available on Amazon and other outlets at a cheaper price next month - just in time for Christmas (hint, hint!).


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