Monday, November 02, 2015

A new neighbour from the Dark Side

I can't deny that I felt a little peeved when a couple of Yelvertoft moorers walked along our pontoon this afternoon, clearly considering moving their boat into the space previously occupied by NB Smudge. And even more peeved when they moved their boat in within the hour! Bang goes our view to starboard! We're back to the boat-both-sides situation again now. It has to be said, that's the situation we signed up for back in 2011, when NB 19th Hole was moored there. And the pontoon-end space does cost more to rent. And we had the opportunity to move into it ourselves, and chose not to. Or, at least, we dithered for too long.

Nonetheless, we extend a warm welcome Jan and Ed on NB Emma Jane. They've come from a berth on the other side (aka "The Dark Side") of the marina which they'd occupied for four years, and they're very pleased to have a better outlook, a greater expense of water in front of them. And a better class of neighbour. (My words, not theirs!) It'll be nice for Grace and me to have pontoon-sharing neighbours again who spend most of the year aboard. Three months of the year they'll spend abroad (see what I did there?), but for two of those we'll be in St Albans anyway.
Last night was the Halloween party. The food was hot and tasty, and it was good to spend time with the crews of Doo Lally Ally, Hereward and Wreyland; Alison & Chris, Myra & Adrian, and David.
NB Hereward
NB Wreyland
Actually speaking with them was somewhat hindered by the high volume of the music, however. Throats and ears were hurting by the time we all left early.

Er, this way,Chris?
Count & Countess Dracula

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