Thursday, October 29, 2015

Well worth paying for!

I was a bit concerned about the weather when I woke up this morning. It'd been raining during the night, and was still at it on and off, with each "on" seeming heavier. The wind gusted ridiculously, too. Sarah and Trevor on AtLast came back from their two-week trip to Glascote Basin, formerly the Hudson boat yard, and they'd had really good weather. Today's was the worst they'd had. When they berthed here today, they filled the one remaining empty space in our long row of pontoon moorings. With Hereward newly-arrived, Achernar back from having her hull zinc-coated, and a very recent arrival tagging on at the end of the row (yesterday, I think, but I can't remember her name), this is the fullest our half of the pontoon has been for quite a long time.

My weather concern was that it was going to be pouring with rain when the engineer from River Canal Rescue came to service Kantara's engine. Fortunately, he arrived at 11:30, just after the rain had abated and the wind had dropped, and he was able to do the job without anything getting wet. Without discomfort to him, too! He did the standard annual service, plus an additional 20-point check, rather like a car's MoT test, but not a legal requirement. It all went very smoothly, and Kantara passed the test with flying colours. There were just two "advisories", both of which require a heating pipe to be better supported.

We're chuffed. She's not young, is Kantara, and we wouldn't have been at all surprised if some problem, hidden from our less-expert eyes, had been discovered. The RCR guy was really efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. The job's done, our minds are at rest over the condition of the engine, and our money was very well spent.

I could have done the service myself, it's true. I have the tools. I know what's required. I would have been a bit iffy doing the inspection, though, and I'm sure I would have missed at least the advisories. I'd much rather pay an expert and have peace of mind. We've had a few dealings with RCR, and I'm most impressed.

We saw another film yesterday. Suffragette. It brought back memories of Grammar School History lessons, but really highlighted more than those the seriousness of the matter, the dangers the women were in, and the abuse they had to suffer in order to achieve the vote.

Meryl Streep has a something of a cameo rĂ´le, but Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter are brilliant. It's really good cinema. Another British film triumph.

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