Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More DVDs

Have I said before that I routinely buy all CDs and DVDs from the likes of zoverstocks, who sell used items in good condition at silly low prices? I've bought many CDs from them now, most costing less than £2, including P & P. DVDs are a little more expensive. But at prices like that, it beats going to the cinema, though we do see what we can while it's being shown locally. zoverstocks is for those we miss.

We have a load of unseen DVDs at the moment. Here're more that we've watched recently. I won't give them star ratings. I never take any notice of those on IMDB and the like. It all depends on personal taste, doesn't it?

August: Osage County
"The death and funeral of their father brings three sisters to the home of their mother, Violet, an acid-tongued, pill-popping cancer patient. Daughters Barbara, Karen and Ivy,along with their significant others and various other kin, take the full brunt of their dysfunctional matriarch's venom, for Violet tells every one of them exactly what she thinks of them."
Robot & Frank
"Set in the near future, Frank, a retired cat burglar, has two grown kids who are concerned he can no longer live alone. They are tempted to place him in a nursing home until Frank's son chooses a different option: against the old man's wishes, he buys Frank a walking, talking humanoid robot programmed to improve his physical and mental health. What follows is an often hilarious and somewhat heartbreaking story about finding friends and family in the most unexpected places."
This can't have been much of a film. We both kept falling asleep!

"The Middle Eastern oil industry is the backdrop of this tense drama, which weaves together numerous story lines. Bennett Holiday is an American lawyer in charge of facilitating a dubious merger of oil companies, while Bryan Woodman, a Switzerland-based energy analyst, experiences both personal tragedy and opportunity during a visit with Arabian royalty. Meanwhile, veteran CIA agent Bob Barnes uncovers an assassination plot with unsettling origins."
The politics of this one went over our heads a fair bit!

American Hustle
"Irving Rosenfeld dabbles in forgery and loan-sharking, but when he falls for fellow grifter Sydney Prosser, things change in a big way. Caught red-handed by FBI agent Richie DiMaso, Irv and Sydney are forced to work under cover as part of DiMaso's sting operation to nail a New Jersey mayor. Meanwhile, Irv's jealous wife may be the one to bring everyone's world crashing down."
"A sensitive and soulful man earns a living by writing personal letters for other people. Left heartbroken after his marriage ends, Theodore becomes fascinated with a new operating system which reportedly develops into an intuitive and unique entity in its own right. He starts the program and meets "Samantha", whose bright voice reveals a sensitive, playful personality. Though "friends" initially, the relationship soon deepens."
In fairness to Frank & Robot, I'll probably try watching it again! 

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