Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Do you think it might rain?


Our problem isn't with the weather. It's with the forecasters. As always, they just don't seem to have a clue. The outlook for the coming days changes several times in 24 hours. We'd very much like to get out and cover the scuffs on the side of the boat below the gunnels.

It's black deck paint, sold in tins of 4 litres. We're not going to need anything like that. Once open, the paint would dry before we wanted it again. It's fortunate for us, then, that John Barnard has permission from the manufacturers, Epiphane, to decant it into 1 litre cans, and to sell it on to the likes of us. We got a can from John yesterday. Now we're waiting for a couple of days dry enough for us to do the painting. Because the job is above the rubbing strake, we don't need to go where the bank's low, so we'll use the bank just a few metres up the canal from the marina entrance. We'll also do the few bits of touching up needed on the cabin.

Then, the Roses and Castles. Inside the boat and out. Hopefully. Grace has been practising. These are just specimens, not actual complete designs. Just to practise the strokes and techniques.
Sorry about the flashgun flares
I'm thinking she's ready to get onto the real job. Grace isn't so sure.

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