Sunday, September 20, 2015

Creative knitting!

If you read my post about G Dad's Collectables back in June, then I apologise for showing the same photos here as I did then. Grace and I paid G Dad's a return visit the other day. It's at Old Wolverton, near Milton Keynes, and right next to the Grand Union Canal.

This time, we went to their furniture warehouse as well, which was full of all sorts of fascinating, retro furniture and objets d'art. I really regret not having taken photos this time. I had my camera with me, but just got too carried away with the looking to think about the recording.

We spent several hours there, taking a break for lunch at the next-door Galleon Inn.

G Dad's stock had changed a lot since we were there last, but it was still the most amazing collection of ephemera and oddities that we've ever seen. It's not at all difficult to spend ages there. Surprisingly, we actually bought nothing this time, but we do highly recommend the place to readers who enjoy browsing and buying fascinating objects from past decades. And some of the prices are just stupidly low!

Returning from Sainsbury's on Friday, we stopped off at Kilsby village to investigate something we saw on our way out.

All of the knitting was in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Women's Institute. It put big smiles on our faces. A brilliant concept, very well executed.

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