Monday, September 07, 2015

Android apps for canal users - Part 4

If you're a boater, then you're going to get lots of opportunities to see a starlit sky untouched by the light pollution of towns and villages. Well, you will if the weather lets you. Night-time fishermen may well have the same opportunities. If you're interested in those stars, planets and satellites, then there are several apps to help you identify them, and to find out more about them.

The one I have is Star Tracker.

SkyView is another popular one.

There are several others, but they're all free, so you can try them all until you find the one that suits you.

TV reception on the move can be quite an issue. Whether you have a satellite dish or a standard Yagi aerial, aligning them for best effect can often be problematic. Enter the UK Aerial Alignment app.

Kantara doesn't have a Yagi antenna, so I don't use it. And I notice that only 327 people have downloaded it. Nonetheless, it has 4-star rating, and again, it's free, so you have nothing to lose!

For those of us with satellite dishes, there's Satellite Director. Over 26,000 people have rated this, averaging 4 stars. I've installed it on my phone, but haven't used it yet.

There are at least another eight such apps available free from Play Store.

Four more apps to show you, next post. Do any of you know any other apps which would be of particular use to canal users? Please let me know, and I'll include them here.

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