Sunday, August 09, 2015

Finishing touches

We're back at the house at the moment. Various domestic bits and sods to sort out, and Grace and Jess are going to the Barbican tomorrow, to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Hamlet. Amidst all of the odd jobs, I've had the time to complete my book. It's all done now, though it'll need proof-reading and copy-editing before it's ready to upload to Kindle. I have over 2000 photos on Flickr to illustrate it, but the site's being playing up lately, and unsorting photos that I've sorted, so that's slowed me down a fair bit. It's nearly done, though.

To whet your appetite for this 280-page masterpiece...

I'm really looking forward to seeing how it's received by Kindle readers. To quote from the Foreword...
It's my hope that this book of mine will attract readers with different interests in canals and canal life. Perhaps some of you are already living in a similar boat, part-time or full-time. Some of you have maybe had narrowboat holidays. Others will be considering one or other of those, or both. Or neither. Whichever it is, I do hope that each of you finds it interesting, that it answers some of your questions, teaches you things you didn't know, entertains you, amuses you, and gives you a chance to laugh at some of our experiences, our mishaps and mistakes. If you're an experienced boater, you're bound to have at least a chuckle at some of our early ignorance and naivety. Please feel free. I've certainly done so whilst writing this.
 Watch this blog!

"Isn't it strange how life won't flow, like a river, but moves in jumps, as if it were held back by locks that are opened now and then to let it jump forwards in a kind of flood?" (Anita Desai)

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