Monday, July 13, 2015

Trent trip - day 3

No boats passed us all evening, nor in the morning before we cast off. Then we passed just five in as many hours, all of them at locks, which was a happy coincidence. Two people commented on our "new boat". We beamed. It was a day of butterflies and moths, mayflies and dragonflies. Oh, and a terrapin!

It's a poor photo, but it really is a terrapin!
We sipped mugs of the Cardamom and Ginger Tea which Michelle had given us - very good indeed, despite what one might think about the cardamom ingredient - and slipped quietly through a quiet world.

We were dismayed by the appearance of grafitti as we approached Leicester, but the locals where we moored at Ervin's Lock, South Wigston, were friendly enough.

Well, friendlyish. Late in the afternoon, a couple of rapscallions amused themselves by pulling out our mooring pins. They did have the courtesy to wind the stern rope around the pin and place it on the rear deck before having a go at the one at the front. At which point Grace barked at them and they fled. No harm done. The boat didn't even drift away from the bank the smallest bit. The perps didn't try again, either, though we did stay up until midnight to make sure. I would have phoned the police if they had. Playing cards on the well-deck on a lovely warm night was a pleasant way to be on guard.

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