Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trent trip - day 1

Wednesday, and the rain had gone, to start with at least. The wind was still with us, but we weren't going to let that stop us one day longer. Off we went at 8:45 am, probably the earliest start we've made in Kantara.

The water was still pretty choppy...
and the wind was whipping the reeds.
It was a day of butterflies. Kingfishers actually kingfishing for lunch. Terns, too. Everywhere was richest green and very grown (not yet overgrown), and there were moments when we could easily imagine we were in a jungle. It was hot and humid, too, to add to the illusion. There was still occasional rain, and a lot of wind on exposed stretches. But it was all very lovely. We had a two-hour stop for lunch and a snooze (I guess it was the getting up early that did it), and finally moored for the night just past the top bridge at Foxton Locks. Sam Matts happened along as we were tying up, on his way to fix someone's broken-down boat. Bear that in mind for the next episode!

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