Sunday, July 05, 2015

Our week with Michelle - part 4

Leighton Buzzard has much to recommend it, according to Nicholson's GU Guide. None of it's visible from the canal, however, but the one thing that boaters do know about is the large Tesco just a couple of minutes' walk from the visitor moorings. It was time for a bit of shopping, after which we moved on to a more picturesque spot for some newly-acquired lunch.

Grove Lock, Church Lock, Slapton Lock, Horton Lock, Seabrook Locks, Ivinghoe Locks, Marsworth Locks. Each of them with their own charm and interest, in lovely surroundings.
Grove Lock

Church Lock
Michelle's friends pose on a lock beam
The church at Church Lock was converted into a house back in the late 1970s. It's now for sale for around £800,000. It does look lovely inside, though.

Slapton Lock

Horton Lock

The Whipsnade Zoo lion
Ivinghoe Locks

Marsworth Locks

And on to Marsworth Junction, the meeting of the GU Main Line with the Aylesbury Arm, where we turned. Halfway through the week. Lots of good weather, lots of herons, several people thinking Kantara was brand new, lots of fun.

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