Sunday, July 05, 2015

Our noisy neighbours

Right next to Kantara's home berth is a bank of rushes. And in these rushes are Reed Warblers. And they warble in the reeds. Lots! It's a lovely sound. I sent this recording to the kids. Steve's reply was, "Have you shot it yet?" But it's actually very restful. And there are lots more of them around the marina. The air's full of their song. I love it.

I wonder how they felt about the thunderstorm the other night. It must have been more than a little alarming to them. Wow, was that fierce! Amazing, continuous lightning and crashing thunder, the like of which I'd not experienced for a very long time. And the rain thrashed down, driven by a mighty wind. Quite a night! And all that was left in the morning was the wind. The skies were clear, the sun was bright, and it was very warm. Summer perhaps? I'd love a repeat of that night.

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