Saturday, July 25, 2015

A bit of a detour - Sawley Cut

On Wednesday, we moved on out of Beeston Cut and back onto the River, to enjoy our last day on the lovely Trent. The weather had been better on our way down the river, but at least it didn't rain. Well, not much. The birds certainly didn't mind it, though. There were thousands. And so many different species. We even saw an great white egret, unusual in the UK, we think.

A large group of volunteers were working hard on a stretch of the bank, removing huge swathes of the pernicious Himalayan Balsam which would take over the waterways, given half a chance. Well done, Friends of CRT!

San Fairy Ann leading the way
Ahead, Dave, straight ahead!
At Trent Junction, we turned right to Sawley Cut, ascended the electrically powered lock - this one operated by Sandy, and not a Lock-Keeper - and moored opposite Sawley Marina. It poured with rain immediately after we'd tied up. Really poured! Dave and Sandy got soaked, filling their water tank. It was a lovely evening, however.

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