Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Almost, but still a week to wait

We had a busy day yesterday. It threw the rain at us as we made our way north to Debdale via Braunston and Clifton Upon Dunsmore. To Braunston, to buy a replacement water pump from Midland Swindlers (aka Midland Chandlers), the current one having started to leak just a few months after the expiry of its warranty (how do they make that happen?); to Clifton to take our old carpet to the House of Carpets, for them to use as templates for our new carpet. The weather was truly foul, but we were fortunate to have a dry spell long enough to take the painted solar panels in to John at Debdale, to be refitted to Kantara, along with the wooden panels for the side hatch and the rear doors, on which Grace has started the job of repainting. Completion will be done with the panels in situ.

I was surprised to find the boat not nearly as finished as I had hoped, but John assures us that it will be ready to drive away next Tuesday. And he'll actually have to have it done by the end of the week, since he and David will be at the Crick Boat Show over the Bank Holiday weekend (when, of course, it will rain hard!)

The paintwork which has been finished is looking really good.

Jon Leeson was there, too, to make a start on the signwriting, and we finalized a few details with him before leaving them all to blooming well get on with the job!

Looking back over recent posts, I realise that I've failed to record for this log the fact that, at the beginning of the month, Said the Maiden won the prestigious Isambard Folk Award, and went along to the Bristol Folk Festival to claim their prize, and to perform as one of the headline acts. In turn, this has already led to a number of other gigs, and other possibilities. Their excitement continues!

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