Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well, she's looking very different!

John sent us some photos yesterday. 105 of them. Half of them showing details of Kantara's structure and paintwork before he started the job, I presume mostly for his own reference. The other half show the boat at the end of the stripping stage, and then after priming.

She's on her way to the painting shed, John at the tiller.

You can see just how worn and faded the castles and roses had become...

By contrast, these roses are what Grace painted on recently, in practice for her final work when John's finished.

I think you'll agree they look so much better than the originals. Needless to say, Grace isn't entirely happy with them!

Kantara arrives in the shed.

All of her external fittings are removed, and a start is made on stripping off her paint.

Windows and doors are removed, the holes masked, and grit-blasting begins...

...and completed.

Andy from Andicraft is called in to weld a louvre in the one vent which we want to keep,

and he welds in steel plate to fill the three vents we want to lose. These have been more trouble than they're worth, and are deemed unnecessary.

Now she's ready for priming.

After which, she looks smarter already!

Since these photos were taken, a coat or two of undercoat have been applied, and today they'll start topcoat on the roof. We're really looking forward to visiting, next Tuesday.

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