Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I saw it coming...

...months ago. We'd go back to Kantara at the start of February, and the weather would be unsuited to us for cruising. Fair enough, it's winter. But then, we'd take her for painting in March, and the weather would be perfect for cruising. I was right. I'm sorry, but I'm selfish enough to wish that it was raining lots and lots right now, so that being out on the cut would be a far less attractive proposition. I'd be missing nothing, being here at the house. But I miss the canals. Sigh.

Still, I can be positive about it if I force myself. We've been doing a fair bit of gardening over the past few days, and have made good progress. Tidied up the pond and planted a number of new plants. Cleared the bog-garden (that was once) of grass, stones and various other intruders, and planted several new things there, too. Paving stones down the middle, bark chippings all over to keep down the weeds and help hold moisture. And various other bits and pieces. We need to have a new fence put up, and mend or replace a water-feature which leaks. The good thing is that we enjoy gardening. And gardening in such good weather's even better. So I'm not complaining. Much. I still prefer boating. And the rain I'd wished for would be very good for the garden.

Kantara went into the painting shed yesterday. She'll be stripped bare by the end of today I should think. Poor old girl.

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