Saturday, November 29, 2014

Still on Kantara

Well, it's Saturday morning, and we're still here. We spent a very enjoyable Thursday evening with Sarah and Trevor on NB AtLast, but were still playing cards at 2:00 in the morning, and had had quite a lot to drink over the past eight hours. Consequently, we woke late on Friday, and I wasn't happy that my blood alcohol level was OK for driving.

So, in the afternoon we went to see "Paddington", with by far the biggest audience we've ever seen in CineWorld. The film was great. Fun, funny, very well made and performed. The third British film we've seen in a row, and another one Brits can be proud of. A must-see for aging kids like us!

After a fatal earthquake destroys his home in the rainforests of Peru, a young bear (Ben Whishaw) makes his way to London in search of a new home. The bear, dubbed "Paddington," finds shelter with the family of Henry (Hugh Bonneville) and Mary Brown (Sally Hawkins). Although Paddington's amazement at urban living soon endears him to the Browns, someone else has her eye on him: taxidermist Millicent Clyde (Nicole Kidman) has designs on Paddington's rare Peruvian hide.

Well, the rain's stopped, the sky's blue, so it looks as though I can start packing stuff into the car. Perhaps we'll get back to the house today...

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