Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our last trip of the year

It was quite foggy when we awoke yesterday morning, but the water was mirror-like, and the idea of doing one last trip for the year was very appealing. So we set out, a mist still heavy across the fields, down to the winding hole after bridge 28. It has been dredged somewhat since we last used it, and it was an improvement, though we still think a 70-foot boat would find turning there quite a challenge.

We passed just two other moving boats on the two-hour trip. It was cold, but it was lovely to be out on such a day, in such countryside. The autumn colours through the mist were wonderful.

We saw at least two kingfishers, but of course they didn't stay still very long. The best photo I got was blurred by my hurrying to capture the moment as we passed the bird.

I threw the last of our seed bombs. We're looking forward to seeing the results of the two dozen or so I've now thrown along several canals.

Back at the marina, we filled our fuel tanks, ready for the winter - it's recommended to leave them full over winter, because it reduces air contact with the diesel, and reduces the chance of diesel bug (although we also add an anti-bug liquid to both tanks). And while the engine was still hot, I bled the air out of the skin tank, and topped up the cooling system - a job of less than half an hour.

Now we start Christmas shopping!

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