Friday, November 14, 2014


The other day we visited a place, the like of which we'd never before entered, nor are we ever likely to go to again - a huge gym-equipment shop! It was for real hardcore strength and fitness fanatics. We felt like aliens!

Grace had been feeling the need for some way of exercising more than just her legs and cardio-vascular system, something she could do in the small space of the boat. She came up with the kettlebell.
Ours is 8Kg
This can be used in a variety of ways, exercising core muscles in particular. I'll be using it, too, I'm sure.

This is just a selection of the possible exercises. The "Windmill" is the only one of these she can't do - the ceiling's too low!
Grace has just started her own Twitter stream - @GrassGreene. NB Kantara's tweets have for some time now been about more than just our life on the canals, and have become increasingly political, with particular focus on environmental issues. Incidentally, we've just joined the Green Party. @GrassGreene has taken over this side of our lives, so follow her for a "green" look at life.

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