Tuesday, November 18, 2014


With this year's cruising finished, it's time to start thinking about next year - and probably the next, too. We expect to be back on Kantara at the start of February. The boat has to be at Debdale Wharf for painting on 2nd April, which gives us eight weeks when we could do a good cruise. The paint job is likely to take three weeks, so we should be able to start another cruise by 2nd May.

This will be our fourth cruising season, so we'd really like to have a lot of time on the cut. I've planned enough trips to fill about 58 weeks if we did them individually, but it will work out in practice that we incorporate several of them into just one trip, reducing the number of excursions to perhaps five. And we couldn't possibly fit them all into the one year.

These are the trips I have in mind, then, in alphabetical order. The start and end points are always Yelvertoft. The Leicester Arm of the Grand Union Canal is our first and last waterway on every journey. Other waterways involved are listed.


  • Avon Ring (Grand Junction, North Oxford, Warwick & Napton, Warwick & Birmingham and Stratford-on-Avon Canals, Rivers Avon and Severn, Worcester & Birmingham Canal)
  • Cheshire Ring (Grand Junction, North Oxford, Birmingham & Fazeley, Trent & Mersey, Bridgewater, Rochdale, Ashton, Peak Forest and Macclesfield Canals)
  • Cromwell Lock (Nottingham) (Leicestershire & Northamptonshire Union Canal, River Soar, Erewash Canal, River Trent, Nottingham and Beeston Canals)
  • Four Counties Ring (Grand Junction, North Oxford, Coventry, Birmingham & Fazeley, Trent & Mersey, Staffordshire & Worcester, Shropshire Union [Birmingham & Liverpool Junction and Middlewich Branch], Chester and Middlewich Canals) 
  • Hertford & Bishops Stortford, via Tring (Grand Junction Canal, Grand Union [incl. Paddington Branch], Regent's and Hertford Union Canals, Lee & Stort Navigation)
  • Kennet & Avon Canal, full length (Grand Junction Canal, Rivers Thames and Kennet, Kennet & Avon Canal)
  • Liverpool, Salthouse Dock (Grand Junction, North Oxford, Coventry, Birmingham & Fazeley, Trent & Mersey, Bridgewater and Leeds & Liverpool Canals, Liverpool Link)
  • Llangollen (Grand Junction, Oxford, Warwick & Napton, Warwick & Birmingham and Birmingham & Fazeley Canals, Birmingham Canal Navigation, Birmingham & Liverpool Junction and Llangollen Canals)
  • Staffordshire Ring (Grand Junction, North Oxford, Coventry and Birmingham & Fazeley Canals, Birmingham Canal Navigations, Staffordshire & Worcester Canal)
  • Stourport Ring (Grand Junction, Warwick & Napton, Warwick & Birmingham, North Stratford and Worcester & Birmingham Canals, River Severn, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Birmingham Canal Navigations)
  • Trent & Mersey Canal, full length (Grand Junction, North Oxford, Coventry, Birmingham & Fazeley and Trent & Mersey Canals)

I'm excited already!

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