Monday, October 20, 2014


Three years ago, when Grace and I started to go to the cinema with much greater regularity, I wished I'd kept a log over the years, with details of all the films and plays I'd seen. I did start to write in this blog about new films seen, however, and I'll keep that up.

Three years ago, when I started reading far more books per year than in any previous year of my life, I wished I'd kept a log of the books I had read in the past, but failed nonetheless to start any kind of record of new reads. Sigh.

We're very fortunate to have an ever-growing lending-library in the marina, and Grace and I use that a lot. (New shelves have just been bought to deal with the overflow from the original ones, and I'm going to be helping with that task in the next few days.) When we're at the house, we have a good local charity shop which has a huge stock of good books, so we use that a fair bit. And then there's the books from our own shelves in the house, which have sat there, unread, for decades, and a big pile of Jess's books which she's lent me. Our bookshelves on the boat are pretty limited, so I actually have box on the car which is stocked with books to replace read ones on the boat.

Despite this plethora of good reading material, I have from time to time been madly inspired to buy a specific book which I think I ought to have read years ago, and need to read now. This, of course, is some kind of stupidity, but I am occasionally prone to such moments.

Such purchases have included...

...discarded as a total waste of time after battling through half of it,

...still unopened, from Kindle, and not yet started,

...also free from Kindle, not yet completed, but much enjoyed,

...another freebie from Kindle, started, but I'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic, and

...challenging(!), but I'm seeing it through.

Since retirement, I've become aware of the availability of used, good condition books, CDs and DVDs on Amazon and the like, and I've made it my habit to buy them this way all of the time. Many's the time that I've bought items for as little as 1p, plus £1.23 postage, and I've never been disappointed. 

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