Saturday, October 25, 2014

A break from the wind and the rain

For the first time in over a week, the weather was sunny and welcoming this morning when we woke. We had been wanting to take the boat out for a couple of hours to heat the engine so that I could bleed the skin tank of air, which I'd failed to do completely while we were on the cut. We'd then fill both tanks with oil on our way back in (diesel bug is less likely in a full tank of oil, where there is little air), and the boat'd be ready for its annual service and winterising before we go back to the house for a couple of months at the end of November.

The sun didn't last very long, though, and a strong wind blew up, so we decided against the short cruise, and went instead to see the church at Lower Shuckburgh which we'd seen from the canal on a number of occasions. The fact that we missed a turning on the way, and did a longer journey, was no problem. The sun was out again in time for us to enjoy the lovely country scenery - gently hilly farmland painted in autumn colours under a bright blue sky. It was lovely.

The church, too, was most attractive, but unfortunately locked, so our visit was rather shorter than planned. But it was an enjoyable drive back.

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