Wednesday, September 03, 2014

TV at last?

We've not watched much TV since we've been on Kantara. We tried FreeSat, but found it impossible to get any signal here in the marina, and on the odd few occasions when we tried it on the cut. We have a satellite dish and FreeSat tuner, and our TV has its own internal FreeSat tuner as well. When another boater was giving away their dish and tuner, we tried that, too. It also failed. We've toyed with the idea of getting an ordinary "mobile" TV aerial such as are used on caravans, and tuning to the standard off-air channels, but we've received such conflicting advice about the wisdom of that solution on a boat, and about what antenna to get if we tried, that we did nothing! The only live TV we've seen over the past three years has been in the house, or on iPlayer on a laptop computer. Otherwise, we've watched recorded TV programs and the occasional DVD.

Then this morning, we saw Trevor of AtLast putting a tiny TV antenna on the roof of his boat, and he told me how good it is. We borrowed it from him, and within a few minutes we had FreeView channels set up, and we were watching live TV! It's a tiny device, and it may not work well in some places around the canal system, but it'll be fine for those times when we're at Yelvertoft.

As soon as we'd tested Trevor's, we ordered one! No more getting the kids to record stuff for us, and having to watch it months later!

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