Tuesday, September 02, 2014

See! I told you!

The Indian Summer has started! We woke this morning to a clear blue sky. The night had been warm, and the whole day has been hot and sunny. And we're cruising with Christine and Mike next week. Excellent timing!

We were back in St Albans for Sunday and Monday night. Grace had another doctor's appointment (she's fit and well, and the issue being investigated amounted to nothing at all). We spent Monday shopping for bits for the boat, and Grace spray-painted the grille from Kantara's air extractor unit above the cooker. We returned today.

I had to smile. Wherever I wanted to sit down in the house, there was a musical instrument or similar, left by an untidy Maiden!

Said the Maiden are really busy now, and their new CD, "A Curious Tale" is selling well. They have less than ten copies now of the EP they released last year, "Come Hither".

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