Friday, August 08, 2014


It's getting tiresome, not being able to go back to Kantara. There's only so much gardening a bloke can do! I've spent a lot of time painting the summerhouse, weeding, clearing the pond, reducing shrubs, and visiting the recycling centre countless times with the resulting cuttings.

Then there's the loft! This large space has just got fuller and fuller over our years here, and it's been a job waiting to be done for a couple of years at least. So, with the help of Naomi and Eddie, I'm in the process (which may not get completed yet) of tidying it, which mostly involves sorting out the stuff which we really should have thrown away ages ago. A number of things are perfectly useable, so these have either gone to charity shops, or been given away via FreeCycle and Freegle. People have even taken our excess pond plants which I've advertised on these two sites. They're a brilliant way to reduce what we throw away.

We went to Kantara again on Wednesday. Roy was hopeful of finishing the galley this week, but I'm not that optimistic. When he did our shower-room, he took five weeks, rather than the three he said originally. The work's not easy. It's painstaking, and fiddly at times, and the quality of the work's superb, so I'm not complaining. But we're longing to be back, and using the new kitchen. It IS progressing well, though - we think. Lee describes the remaining jobs as "finishing off". We'll see. We'd like to cruise to Stratford-Upon-Avon and see a play there. Actually, we have to be in St Albans on 18th of this month, so we can't leave Braunston before then, but it'd be good to get all of our things back on the boat, in readiness for being on the move again.

As I type, it's just started to rain very hard indeed. We've had warnings of extreme rain moving across the country; the tail-end of storms fuelled by hurricane Bertha in the US. If we were on the boat, it could be quite fun!

We're hoping it's not going to hit Scotland. Yesterday, Jess and Steve went with the other two Maidens to the Edinburgh Festival. Said the Maiden had fourteen gigs lined up over four days. When they arrived, they found out that one of the three venues at which they were due to sing was closed, due to "work" not having been finished in time. Suddenly their gigs were halved in number. This affects other acts, too, of course, but the Maidens are fairly confident of being scheduled to other venues for at least some of their lost performances. I can guarantee they'll have a good time, though.

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