Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We drove back to St Albans again on Sunday. On Monday, Grace had a doctor's appointment, after which we drove into Cambridgeshire to pick up Jess. Having spent four days at the Edinburgh Festival with Said the Maiden and brother Steve, and a further four days holidaying with them in Northumbria, Jess had then gone to the FolkEast Festival in Suffolk with an old friend from Uni, returning to Kat's home just outside Cambridge on Sunday morning.

Before picking Jess up, Grace and I paid a return visit to Wimpole Hall, an interesting, beautiful NT property not far from Cambridge.

On Monday morning, we came back to Kantara, to find the glass splash-backs in place, and looking great. The galley's finished at last!


The space is now larger (although too small to take decent photos!), the cupboards and drawers more numerous, convenient and appropriate, the sink's bigger, and the new cooker, fridge and washing machine (in the shower room) are so much better than the old ones. And the quality of the woodwork is superb. We're very pleased. Lovely work, Lee and Roy!

We now have to be back in St Albans on 1st September, so we'll not be able to go to Stratford as planned. Perhaps we'll go at the start of October. I'm holding out for an Indian Summer! Today, then, we return to Yelvertoft.

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