Monday, July 07, 2014

Kantara to Braunston

It poured with rain on Friday night, all night. The rain found a leak in a window seal in our bedroom, and I woke with wet feet and a wet patch on the duvet over them. I sealed the leak later, with Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure, a really effective sealant I've used several times now on the boat and the car.

Cruising in rain like that wasn't really a very attractive proposition. We reckoned we'd had our year's share of heavy rain at the end of our week with Michelle. So we delayed setting out until it had stopped, it had got a little warmer, and the wind had dropped.

The temperature rose steadily after that, and I got very hot working the locks at the Watford flight. We moored just north of Norton Junction, opposite the pair of disused BW butties. It was a fine evening, and a dry, warm night.

Sunday started very grey, but we had no reason to hurry away, and the weather was much improved within a couple of hours. We discovered that the boat in front of which we'd moored was "Dibitu", with Steph, one of those who'd done the Roses and Castles course with Grace back in May. The crew of five had entertained us considerably the afternon before with their harmony singing.

After a late breakfast (lunch really, since we tend now not to eat at all at the start of the day), we continued to Braunston. There was only one other boat with us in the tunnel (Grace's least favourite), and the locks were largely in our favour. It was very warm and sunny now, not at all what the weather forecast on Friday had led us to expect. We moored opposite The Boathouse in Braunston, which is a good spot to overnight, despite the continuous noise from the pub's kitchen extractor fan.

Tomorrow, we move Kantara across the canal to Roy's workshop mooring, and leave her there while he refits the galley. We'll be going back to the house - lots of work to do there!

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