Thursday, July 24, 2014

How's it going?

By Roy's workshop at Braunston Turn

We've had a number of text and email communications with Roy and Lee, working on Kantara's new galley, and we visited today for the second time in the past eighteen days, to see how they're getting on, and to discuss fine details of the build. It's all coming together well.


When Roy originally said the job would take four weeks, we reckoned he'd revise that up in due course. Today, Lee said five!

We took with us today a sample of the door and drawer handles, and power sockets and switches we had in mind, and they all look fine. The cooker, fridge, washing machine, sink and taps have all arrived. Now it's all been marked out, and the bulk of the cupboard and drawer skeletons all constructed, they'll be able to complete the job without any more input from us. Now we'll be able to get away for a few days next week, for a bit of a break.

Having done the Roses and Castles course back in May, Grace is now practising the art, with the possibility of her painting designs on the sides of the boat after it's been repainted next April. Today, she took tracings of the flowers currently on the sides, to help her as she practises.

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