Monday, June 02, 2014


...and a very sunny day. I sat on the roof and listened to music, taking in the rays and being much amused by the pair of swans terrorising pedestrians and cyclists just down the towing path. The birds finally met their match in a boisterous pair of dogs, who charged at them, barking. The penn stood his ground for a few seconds, hissing and pecking, but the dogs were too much for him, and the trapped humans were liberated. Grace sat in the shade and read.

At around 12:00 we wandered up to The Grand Junction Arms to have a drink while we waited for the kids, who arrived half an hour later. It's a very good pub, with a huge garden, and they were doing a roaring trade. The six of us enjoyed a good meal, albeit rather slowly served because of the unexpected volume of customers. It was great that Eddie was able to be with us, too, having previously thought he couldn't.

Jess, Steve, Eddie, Naomi, me and Grace
After the meal, we spent a while on the boat before three of them returned home, leaving Jess with us for a week's holiday. It was a great day.

Monday started slowly for us. Jess had been feeling really tired, and slept in a bit in the morning. We started the day's travel under sunny skies, descending the seven Marsworth Locks very slowly because of boats coming up. Jess sat on the foredeck, resting her injured leg, and working on songs for Said the Maiden.

We moored for the night just south of Ivinghoe Locks.

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