Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A visit from Jill & Rod

(I missed posting this the day I wrote it)

My sister Jill contacted me the other day, asking if she and Rod could pay us a visit. They've only been here once, early on in our time on Kantara, and we've been meaning to get together again since then, but they're both very busy, and finding time has been difficult. So they arrived yesterday morning, bringing half decent weather with them.

It had been our plan to take them out on the canal for a few hours, so we agreed to take a risk on the weather. And we were glad we did. We headed north and the clouds gradually parted, giving us dry and fairly warm weather. It was a good trip, mooring for lunch just below bridge 28, winding just beyond, returning in leisurely manner to the marina. Very enjoyable. Rod took lots of photos, and Jill said, "I could get used to this!"

Very shortly after we moored in our home berth, the skies opened in a different way, and it poured with rain!

Unfortunately, Jill and Rod had to hurry off after a quick cup of tea, for they had a meeting to attend, but we look forward to taking them out in Kantara again - south next time!

They brought Grace a late birthday present, a fascinating book about canal art, very appropriate indeed in view of the painting course Grace is going to at Stoke Bruerne later this month.

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