Saturday, April 05, 2014

Seeing the sights... on land

We concluded that it probably wasn't the best day to be visiting gardens as we drove to Lincolnshire under a sky grey and hazy with Saharan dust. But at least it wasn't windy and rainy, and the flowers would still be out, despite the gloom above. So we arrived, first at Easton Walled Gardens.

We came here four years ago, while were having a short break in the area. It's a lovely site, and the flowers were a delight. The whole place is a major project, having once been the site of a rather grand house which was so badly treated by British soldiers billeted there during World War 2 that is had to be demolished after they vacated it. It's not the first time we've heard this story about the abuse of such houses as this, and it angers us each time, that people who gave up their homes for the sake of the war effort had to lose them entirely. How on earth was it allowed? At any other time, it would be called vandalism, and treated a a crime, with compensation paid.

The project is going well, and we saw a number of signs of improvement as we wandered the grounds. None of what remains of the house is open to the public, however.

Having eaten a lovely lunch there, we moved on to nearby Woolsthorpe Manor, the house where Isaac Newton was born, and spent much of his life. We'd been here before, too, but were glad to return to refresh our memories, and to see and learn new things, too.

The tree still remains under which Newton sat when he developed a theory of gravity. His diary makes no mention of an apple falling on his head, though, as the mythology would have us believe!

It was a good day out, despite the atmospheric pollution.

Today, Said the Maiden start their tour, supporting Dave Swarbrick at 14 venues around England and Wales. Caerphilly tonight. Have fun, Maidens!

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