Sunday, March 09, 2014

WOW! The weather!

Do you remember the weather, a year ago this very day?

What a difference! So, back to Kantara tomorrow with the first carload of stuff. Back to St Albans next weekend to collect whatever else we need (and Naomi's promised us a family Sunday lunch), and then we're on the water for the rest of the year. How I've missed it!

One of the things that's kept us here a week longer than expected is the need to get someone to cut ten trees in the garden - a row of cypress at the bottom, which need to be reduced by about a third, a hawthorn which needs the same kind of treatment, and a hazel which needs gentler thinning. I've had four guys in to quote for the job. One was a bit of a cowboy who really knew little about this kind of work (despite what his ad said!), one was twice as expensive (but knew his job), one was three times as expensive, and we're still waiting for the other.

The garden's in something of a mess at the moment, but Naomi's set about redesigning it for us, and has made a start on the work involved. Central to the design is a number of raised beds, walled with railway sleepers, in which she'll grow vegetables. This will relieve the patio and the rest of the garden of a number of pots, so the whole space will be much tidier. It's a bit of a mess at the moment, though!

I've just listened to what will probably be the final mix of Said the Maiden's first full album, " A Curious Tale", due to be released next month. It's sounding fantastic! One of the tracks features Dave Swarbrick, founder member of Fairport Convention, who's being supported by the Maidens on his tour in April and May. Exciting times ahead!

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