Monday, March 10, 2014

Well, not quite the day we expected

We woke to a beautiful sunny morning and knew it was the right day to be returning to Kantara. I'd packed most "stuff" into the car yesterday, so it didn't take us long to hit the M1 north towards Yelvertoft. By the time we got there, the weather had become dull and very windy - but then wind and Yelvertoft are old acquaintances! Sitting in the warm car, eating our sandwich lunch before boarding the boat, we noticed a pit dug in the footpath, exposing electric cables. A few words with Neil from Moody Cow revealed that there was a power failure. Water had got into the electricity supply.

Once on board Kantara, with the floor and most other surfaces covered with bags, cases and boxes full of "stuff", we realised that we needed mains electricity if we were going to settle in quickly and comfortably. The vacuum cleaner was needed to get rid of mould spores in patches on the carpet, we needed heating pumps working to get the place warmed through quickly, and the batteries were probably not adequately charged to supply those needs. Anyway, we needed to go back to the house again at least once more, to complete the move of our "stuff". We had thought that would be at the weekend. But we now had another reason simply to go back until the electricity supply is back, because...

...just as we were driving into our parking space when we arrived, we got a text message from Jess, with an excited announcement that Said the Maiden are to support Clannad at the Alban Arena on Wednesday evening! Clannad arrived at the Arena today with the news that their support act had had to pull out, and did the Arena management know anyone who could replace them?

The Maidens were highly recommended, and they got the gig! So, Grace and I got Jess to get tickets for us, we locked Kantara, and returned to St Albans. Not quite what we expected, but hey! Well done, Maidens!

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