Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winding down

As I write, the sun's shining brightly from a clear blue sky, but there's a strong, cold wind blowing. During the night, however, and for most of the morning, it rained hard, and there were flurries of snow from time to time. It was very cold, and we left our Alde gas stove on a low setting all night - too low, as it turned out, for it was still too chilly in the boat when we awoke.

It was sunny and bright as we drove back here from St Albans yesterday morning, too, but it was very cold in Kantara when we arrived, and it took a few hours of Alde alight, and later the Bubble stove, to make her feel cosy again.

Sarah-Beth and Jamie's wedding on Saturday was a good occasion, and the journeys to and from Newbury were good. Sunday we lay in a bit, then had a lazy day. On Monday, Grace had a dental appointment, and the rest of the day was spent avoiding the weather.
Donnington Grove Country Club

Carole and Stuart on Jimsonweed have had a canopy fitted over their stern and, speaking to the guy who was doing the job, I think he's the man to fit fasteners to our cratch cover/hull. The price he gave me is far less than I had expected when we discussed the job with AJ Canopies some months ago, and he's done a good job on Jim. I'll try to get ours done before we leave Kantara for the winter.

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