Thursday, October 24, 2013

A dry day!

Not just dry, but sunny and mild, so we took the opportunity to take Kantara out, albeit just for an hour and a half. When Colin replaced the bottom hose in the engine, we had to refill with coolant. There were air-locks, and they took time to get rid of, and after all that we needed to run the engine for some time in order to mix the new water with its antifreeze with the coolant which remained. This is so that we are able to measure the specific gravity of the coolant and make sure that it's got enough antifreeze for the lowest temperatures that winter might throw at us.

So we set out at 2:00 and headed north to the nearest winding, turned, and came back. No big deal, but very pleasant nonetheless.

Back at the marina, Grace used the wet vacuum cleaner we bought the other day to suck some of the spurious water out of the bilge under the cabin. I'd found a way to attach a narrow plastic pipe to the cleaner's tube, using a rubber doorstop, and Grace got a good amount of water out. We'll keep looking down the inspection hole to see if the level rises with the movement of the boat.

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