Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Back to Kantara

After a good ten days back at the house, we returned to the boat yesterday. It was a useful time, too, with dentist and hygienist appointments for both of us, a visit to the doctor for me, and lots of hedge cutting in the gardens. It was great to see the kids, too, and Naomi prepared a superb three-course meal for all of us in celebration of Grace's 60th birthday on Saturday. We came back to the boat with arms full of wonderful flowers. The smell of the lilies fills the cabin!

Judith from NB Clancy J kindly watered the flowers, herbs and tomatoes on the roof while we were away, and they're doing really well. The tomato plants are heavy with fruit now, and we'll be eating some of it today.

We arrived yesterday as the skies started to look very stormy, and there was torrential rain for a while later. Judith told us that there had been a fair few heavy downpours over the last week or so, and everywhere is looking very much greener than it was before we left. Things are looking good for water levels on the cut.

Today we're settling back in, sorting out cupboards and drawers, and shopping. The cupboards are bare. The weather for the rest of the week looks favourable, so we may well get out for a couple of days to finish the hull painting. It'll be good to get that done at last.

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