Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to St Albans for a couple of days

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning and tidying a bit, washing and ironing, and catching up with emails. Simon came on Tuesday afternoon to see what was wrong with the fridge power feed. Tracing back the cable from the socket better than we did, he found that it took a detour through the engine compartment! Not only that, but it had an in-line circuit-breaker unit hanging mid-air above the front of the engine, and this had somehow been switched off - possibly by an inquisitive engineer who forgot to switch it back on again afterwards. Problem solved. The fridge got back to work. Another example of things being done in an odd manner by the previous owner!
On Thursday, we threw a few things in a case and drove back to the house to deal with a number of domestic issues there. It was good to see the kids too, of course. Today, we came back to Kantara. It must have been the hottest day of the year so far.

Now we have a couple of weeks to get as many of the cleaning, tidying and painting jobs done as we can before returning to St Albans for a friend's wedding, and to have a family celebration of Grace's 60th birthday. I just hope the temperature falls a little.

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