Saturday, July 06, 2013

Back into known territory now

...well, we have been since just before Nuneaton actually, but somehow this last stretch seems more familiar.

Friday was the hottest day since we started out at the beginning of June. It started clear and warm, and built up throughout the day. Moving on the water, we were kept a little cooler than we otherwise might have been, but it certainly was hot!

I started to follow the Canal and River Trust on Twitter today, and alerted them to the sunken craft we came across yesterday. It seems they didn't know about it.

We left Hawkesbury Junction later than we ought, and turned into the shallow lock - a mere 6", I think - which starts the northern arm of the Oxford Canal.

In contrast to the southern arm, the canal is often wide, and largely straight. Like the southern arm, it passes through beautiful farming land – apart from the first mile or so, which is dominated by a huge power substation and massive pylons.

There was a lot of other craft on the cut today, both holiday makers and owners, and everyone was busy getting tanned! By mid-afternoon, we were beginning to feel overheated, and we hadn't had lunch, so we moored – sooner than planned – just before Grimes Bridge (26), where we spent the rest of the day, and the night. By coincidence, we'd moored here on our way out on our abortive Leicester Ring trip last year. It's a very pleasant spot opposite a farm, peaceful apart from the background noise of the M6 which crosses the canal about half a mile away.

It was a hot evening, and very warm night!

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