Saturday, July 06, 2013

A very sunny Saturday

As we moved on this morning, it was another hot and sunny day, but with a pleasant breeze on the canal which we missed yesterday. Again, there was a lot of traffic on the water. Just as we moved away from our mooring, an unfortunate walker along the towing path had his way blocked by an angry and threatening swan. It wouldn't be lured away by food, and nothing would scare it off. A couple of cyclists arrived, too, but were not prepared to try to ride past on the narrow path.

There being nothing more we could do, we left the scene, but looked back to see the swan finally get into the water and swim off, still looking rather ruffled, and the cyclists and walker continued on their ways.

The journey was again through lovely countryside, the canal broad in many places, and rather more winding than earlier.

One source of amusement for much of the journey was a day-hire boat with a number of Japanese tourists. They were enjoying themselves a lot, but had little idea how to control their small craft, resulting in some rather hairy moments. Hitting the bank and other craft didn't seem to bother them a bit!

A beautiful roof garden
We saw what must be the smallest canal boat on the system. It couldn't have been more than 10 foot in length, and appeared to have an inboard rather than outboard engine! Get the scale of the craft from the trough of flowers on the roof.

Arriving in Rugby, we laughed to think that we were now no more than 30 minutes car drive away from the marina, but don't expect to be back there by boat until Tuesday.

We took advantage of being close to a large Tesco, and stocked up with food for the next few days.

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