Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sawley Cut

Since the journey from Trent Lock to Sawley Cut is so short, we didn't leave our mooring until after lunch. We filled the water tank, descended the lock, and turned right onto the River Trent.

We were quite surprised by the strength of the current as we made our way upstream, and we've never worked Kantara's engine work so hard before! But being on the river is great.

Sawley Cut takes the corner off the Trent where it is not considered to be navigable. Entry to the cut is through one of a pair of locks, operated not manually, but mechanically, with a control panel at the side of each lock.

A few hundred yards down the cut, we came to the moorings just opposite Sawley Marina, where Ray works, the guy who's going to be instructing us for the next couple of days.

Looking back towards the locks
Looking upstream towards the exit from the cut
We've been expecting a thundery rainstorm ever since we arrived here, but it's still dry as I write. I just hope it rains tonight, if it's going to rain at all. It would certainly clear the air; it's really very sultry.

More pictures of Sawley Cut and the River Trent...

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