Monday, May 06, 2013

May Bank Holiday... off to a bad start here; cloudy with some rain, and a chilly wind. But it improved as the day progressed, and a large number of boats hurried out of the marina for a short cruise. We stayed here, and I'm glad we did, for NB Herbert returned a couple of hours ago, and they'd not gone far because of the large number of boats on the move. They decided to moor up, enjoy the sun (which did come out), and watch the boats go by instead.

Grace is making a couple of dresses for Jess, so she's been busy at that while I've been doing a number of odd jobs around the boat. It's been hot and sunny yesterday and today, and pottering around mainly outside has been good. We planted three troughs of flowers and one of herbs. I put them on the roof, but they'll have to come in under the cratch cover at nights until there is no more danger of frosts.

I've been concerned that we need a spare bulb for the tunnel light on Kantara, but when I tried to look at the bulb today, I found that the light is a sealed unit, and there is no way to get the bulb out. Does this mean we'll have to carry a complete spare headlamp? How absurd!

Here's hoping that this sort of weather will continue now, although we will need some rain, of course. We don't want the water shortages we had this time last year.

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