Monday, March 04, 2013

Getting ready to go back home

Home on Kantara, that is. As I write, the weather is milder that it's been for a long time, and the sky is a sunny blue. If only we were back now! But we have things to do still - not least attend Said the Maiden's EP launch gig on Thursday - and it'll take at least two journeys by car to get all our stuff back on board.

We visited Kantara the other day, just to make sure all is still well with her - and it is, of course, with Jane from "19th Hole" keeping an eye on her, and having dealt with a good deal of snow piled up on her over the past weeks. The engine fired up first time, and we ran it for half an hour, checked a few things, returned carpets and furniture to normal, and left her, feeling that she is now readier for our return.

Roll on next week!

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