Monday, March 25, 2013

Caution to the wind!

We woke with the lark on Sunday, to find it had snowed more overnight, and it was still snowing intermittently. It was extremely cold, but the canal was not frozen, and the wind didn't seem too bad. So we threw caution to that wind, and set off back to Yelvertoft.

The scene was quite magical.

Foxton Locks were empty, so it was a fairly fast ascent, hindered only by the snow underfoot.

We didn't stop for lunch. We ate at the helm and kept going, getting colder as the day progressed, despite the several layers of clothing. We pretty much had the canal to ourselves, and passed very few other moving boats. The odd thing was that, of those few other boats, we met three at bridges (which necessitates one of the boats waiting for the other to pass through) - a silly and unlikely coincidence. Husband's Bosworth Tunnel, however, had no other traffic as we went through.

Arriving finally at Yelvertoft, we were relieved to find that the wind had dropped, and entering the marina, and berthing, were no great challenge. It was a worthwhile, successful trip, and Kantara's hull looks good. The return journey was lovely, despite the cold. But we'll stay here now until the weather improves - September, maybe? (36 miles and 20 locks.)

Oh, and I lied about the lark - there wasn't a single one to be seen!

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