Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back home soon!

With Said the Maiden's extreme busyness mostly over, we're planning to return to Kantara this week. It's snowing as I type, so who knows what the weather is going to be like, but we'll not let it bother us. We have to be at Debdale Wharf by March 20th, so we may have an interesting couple of weeks ahead of us!

Said the Maiden have their own website, Facebook and Twitter presence, but I have to record here, as proud dad and massive fan, that they've just had a brilliant few weeks since their massive achievement supporting Fisherman's Friends.

Last Thursday, they returned to Redbourn Folk Club where they started just over a year ago, to launch their first CD - an EP of five tracks. They sang for around an hour and a half - two sets, with some excellent floor acts before each set - and packed the venue to overflowing. Lots of CDs were bought, and several more on their website, and 37 advance orders had been sent off the day before.

They now have a manager who has done a fantastic job of promoting them. Tracks from their EP have been played on local radio across the nation. They've done some fun gigs in pubs and clubs, and supported a couple more major acts. They sang at a BBC Three Counties Radio live event in a Redbourn pub a last week, and are live on radio twice today, with music of theirs being played on another, web-based radio station also tonight.

In the poll of local talent I told you about some months ago, Said the Maiden were one of the four winning groups, and will be singing to an expected full house next Saturday at the Alban Arena. Last year's similar event sold in excess of 1500 tickets.  The day before yesterday, at the request of the organisers, they were out promoting the St Albans Folk Festival by singing at eight pubs in three hours!

Oh, and Jess got asked to be the interviewer in a series of short films of local folksy folk, now being shown in a Folk Music exhibition in the St Albans Museum. She is due to have her own folk show once a week on Radio Verulam, too, but I really don't know if she's going to be able to commit to it now that the group are this busy.

Grace and I love it, but it's going to be good to get away from the hectivity now! Kantara, here we come!

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