Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting restless!

With Christmas over, our holiday break behind us, and a list of jobs still to be done here at the house, I'm more than itching to get back to Kantara. Grace is more patient! We've not even seen Kantara for weeks, but we know that she's being watched by Jane from 19th Hole in the next berth, so she's sure to be OK.

We've just had a reminder email - not that we needed it! - from Debdale Wharf, regarding the blacking of the hull, due to be done at the end of March. We have a sort of plan that the trip there will be the start of our first cruise of the year, possibly even an extended one of two or three months. We shall see!

One reason we're still here is that Said the Maiden (the folk trio of which Jess is a member) are to release their first CD on 7th March at a gig in Redbourn Folk Club where they started their career. A five-track CD, it was recorded by big brother Steve, and Grace did the artwork. After various bits of help from a number of their friends, it's all been sent off for an initial run of 500 units, to be sold at gigs and from their website. It's all very exciting!

As was the evening when they were the supporting act for Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends at The Alban Arena a couple of weeks ago. Said the Maiden, singing to an audience of around 700, were brilliant - as were Fisherman's Friends, of course! They'll be playing at the same venue next month, as a result of them being one of the four winning groups in a local talent ballot. We may be able to come back to get to that event, depending upon where we are at the time.

Meanwhile... where's that flipping list of flipping jobs?

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