Thursday, January 10, 2013

Out and about in the Dales

Tuesday was very mild, but damp and dreary, so we decided to go out and enjoy the dales by car. The dullness looks even worse in the photos, but it was really good to be out in such beautiful countryside.

On higher ground, we found ourselves in the bottom of the clouds.

Wednesday was totally different, very sunny with clear, blue skies, so we set out again to enjoy the sights. Bolton Castle (and the village of Castle Bolton)


...and Reeth. 
We had our picnic lunch above a valley which was bathed in a very strange blanket of cloud, while the rest of the area was under bright sun. My camera couldn't really do the scene justice. (There is NO snow on the hilltops, everything white is cloud.)

Later we encountered more unusual clouds, but this time caused by a farmer burning a large patch of gorse, high on the moors.

As I write, the weather is looking really good again, so I expect we'll be doing similar sightseeing. We may go back to The Station Cinema again tonight, too.

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