Sunday, November 11, 2012


We came home from St Albans on Tuesday, bringing with the electric drill and jig saw needed to put ventilation holes in the storage under the dinette seating. There is no airflow down there, and we find that things - largely bedding - get damp and mouldy. We bought brass grilles to put over the outside of the vents, and a couple of drill bits, and set to work.

It wasn't a difficult task, but we took the opportunity to roll back the carpet to look for removable panels which would give us  a view into the bilges at that end of the boat. There were none. But we did spot an area of the floor in the saloon of which the surface was damp, giving us reason to think that there might be excessive water underneath it. However, the wood surface dried fairly quickly, and we were left thinking that it had had water spilled on it some tine ago, which had not had the opportunity to dry, being covered by heavy rubber-based underlay and a thick, woollen carpet. We let it dry for a few hours, then covered it back up again, and we'll leave it exposed again right through the winter. We'll be considering new carpet for Kantara in the Spring, too.

We saw the new Bond film, "Skyfall" one afternoon during the week, at a cinema screen attended by the biggest audience we've seen there. It was a good film - if you like Bond!
Bond's loyalty to M is tested when her past comes back to haunt her. Whilst MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

One night, sitting at my laptop computer for a couple of hours, I felt a pain growing in the left side of my ribcage. By the time I had logged off for the night, I was in agony, and thought that I must somehow have broken a rib - I've experienced that before. Sitting down, standing up, lying down, lying still in bed, all of these were unbelievably painful, and, rather than going to bed, I took painkillers and settled down on the sofa to read, finally getting into bed at around 3:00am, and getting a couple of hours sleep. The pain was, strangely, a lot better when I woke, and I knew then it couldn't have been because of a cracked rib. Perhaps it was a pinched nerve or strained muscle - I'd been doing a lot of chin-up exercises over the weekend. It was fully better the next day - very odd!

The weather today was fantastic. Clear blue skies and a bright sun after a very clear, cold night; so we took the opportunity to go somewhere new for a walk. We drove to Delapre Abbey in Northampton - bless them for having a dreadful one-way system, and NO signs for the abbey until you get right to the gateway into the site!
We had lunch in the tearoom, then spent a couple of hours wandering the grounds, beautiful in the sun and the autumn colours.

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