Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back home for a few more days

So we returned to the house on Thursday, and went to see Said the Maiden doing their two 40-minute sets at the folk club at the Pump House Theatre in Watford (the grotty Watford, not the Watford with the Locks!) They were absolutely fabulous, and the audience loved them. I've never heard them so good, honestly. Seventeen songs, several of them being performed for the first time - brilliant!
We came back home this afternoon. It was really cold in Kantara! The weather tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so we'll take her out for a few hours, largely to test the engine now that it's been realigned. Monday may well see us driving to Herefordshire for the day - more of that later, if it happens - and then we'll winterise Kantara and go back to St Albans for the winter, probably Tuesday. It's going to be very odd, living in a house again!

I know that I published a number of sunset photos this time last year, but humour me, eh? We have fabulous sunsets this year, too! 

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