Thursday, October 04, 2012

Monday, weather good for cruising!

Monday's weather was positively mild, with a lot of sunshine getting between scattered light clouds as we carried on towards Oxford. It was again a pleasant journey, winding, often very narrow, but sometimes opening quite unexpectedly into wide stretches. We stopped for services at Heyford Wharf, and moved on to Pigeon Lock, just west of Kirtlingtonvillage  where we hoped to be able to buy some provisions. The mile long footpath took us into a pretty village with a lot of relatively new buildings. The village store/post office/tea room was not what we were hoping for, and we came away with only a few items ticked off our shopping list.
By the time we got back to Kantara it wasn't really worth travelling any more, so we settled in there for the night. Tooley's still haven't contacted us to tell us when they're going to replace our leaky fuel pump!

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