Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time flies!

Good grief! Is it really that long since our last post? Well, to be honest, not a lot has happened which is worth blogging. We've got through a good list of jobs on the boat, and buying various bits and pieces, some essential and some just desirable. The bedroom shelves are finished and now just waiting for the delivery of the brackets. today hopefully. The two step mats are fitted, but one is waiting for new paint to be applied to the gunnel where it belongs. Some kind person unknown stepped on the primer paint while it was still soft!

The main problem has been the weather. We've had some torrential rain and very strong winds over the past week or so and, even though we would be quite capable of dealing with it if we were out on the cut, we don't see the point of setting out while it is like that. We don't mind getting wet if we have to, but we have the choice at the moment! It looks now as if we'll set out towards Milton Keynes on Saturday for a short return trip in time for Grace's sister Christine and her husband Michael to spend a week with us. We'll be taking them out on a return trip to Market Harborough. The following week, my friend Michelle will spend a long weekend with us, so we'll go out again then. It'll be interesting to see how the weather goes after that. Will we be able to get down to Oxford? Complete the Leicester Ring? We shall see!
Market Harborough Canal Basin

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